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M.A.M Enterprize, LLC. was founded by Michael Anthony Mckelvie whoo has 21 years of experience in the field of security as a retired corrections officer. As a corrections officer one of the major duties is to perform surveillance via observation and or video surveillance. When Mr. Mckelvie decided to retire he thought of trying to help people protect their families and their valuables.

By buying Direct "Security Video Camera Systems" from M.A.M Enterprize you can save hundreds and thousands of dollars over the life time of your Mortgage, for the safety and protection of your loved ones and valuables. Homeowners, renters, and business owners have already taken advantages of our competitive prices and products that we have to offer. You can also take advantage of our products that we offer. As well as save money with your Insurance Company, the security products that provides protection for your home or your business. When you buy from us you own your Security Camera and Entry System and you are not tied down to Contracts and Fees. You can notify the Authoraties just like the other Security Monitoring Companies do, you can Monitor your Own Property remotely via the internet and or your Smart Phone, Your remote viewable System is the way to Protect Your Valuables. We now Sell "Entry System with key Panel and door-window Sensors, panic buttons and remote Alarm buttons, loud sirens and motion sensors to Prevent the Criminals from getting inside Your Home or Busness. We now parterned with "Safelink wireless Phones"which is a service to give wireless Smartphones to those who are on Goverment Assited Programs Free Phones with free service,text,talk and data.

M.A.M Enterprize's Mission is to ensure that Consumers have all the tools toprotect their Valuuables and thier Famlies. You can see this Web Site at







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